The Fictures Photo Exhibition Opens for the First Time in Debrecen

The opening of the photo exhibition “Fictures” will take place on Friday, on the 12nd of January at 5 p.m. in the Új Gallery.

At the exhibition, the images from the photo album Fictures, published in 2021, can be seen for the first time in Debrecen. The recordings were made by Tamás Varga, and the accompanying texts were written by Árpád Burai.

Regarding the material of the exhibition, the creators formulated the following thoughts in advance: ‘On the walls special people can be seen, next to them important events in their lives are expressed in text form. Human representation and caption.’

The archaic technique strongly connected to the material world (recordings were made on wet collodion and gelatine dry plates) strengthens the feeling of the present, the real, the having happened. The false image has also often appeared in the history of photography, and it still appears today. The images push the boundaries of the much-heard concept of reality representation – as an uncertain expression of the media – and its meaning. The images appearing in various written or digital media together with the recipient create a kind of alternative reality, the authenticity of which is questionable…

At the opening of the exhibition, the greeting speech will be given by photographer Géza Seres.

Date: 12 January – 16 February

Location: Új Gallery

Source: Dehir.hu