Traditional Christmas cuisine in Hungary

Dinner on the 24th of December usually starts between 4 pm and 7 pm, with a variety of meat dishes, fish, bun dumplings and apple pie.

In the past, most traditional peasant foods were associated with superstitions; for example, poppy, beans and peas symbolised abundance, while apples were associated with fertility.

Other foods were also served at bourgeois and aristocratic tables. In winter, there was an enormous choice of wild meats (pheasant, deer), sea and freshwater fish, poultry and turkey.

The Christmas buffet has changed a lot

Nowadays, the Hungarian Christmas menu usually includes fish soup, fried fish, stuffed cabbage, meat soup, and stuffed turkey.

In addition to the above, salads with mayonnaise are common, the most common being potato salad with mayonnaise and French salad.

Among the pastries, the most common are pastries with nuts, poppy seeds and chestnuts, as well as pogácsa, linzer, zserbó and hókifli.

Source: szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu