Vienna Classics – Concert of Kodály Philharmonic Orchestra

Kodály Philharmonic Orchestra awaits the audience with the following program on the 21st of November in Kölcsey Center: Haydn: Symphony in F minor (“La Passione”) No.49 / Mozart: Sinfonia concertante in E flat major KV.297b / Beethoven: Symphony I (C major), op. 21

The birth of the F minor symphony from 1768 was groundbreaking in the development of Haydn‘s symphonic compositions. It  includes a relatively old form, in which he combines a so-called church sonata with passionate emotional content.

It is a remarkable fact that, in addition to a significant number of piano and violin concertos, Mozart also composed concertos for almost all wind instruments. The inspiration for this came primarily from his personal relationships with outstanding musicians of his time and his travels.

Beethoven‘s Symphony No. 1 is only three years apart from the birth of the iconic Symphony No. 3, Eroica. It’s almost unbelievable how much progress the composer made in renewing the genre in such a short time.

Contributor: Kodály Philharmonic Orchestra

Conductor: Tibor Bényi

Tickets can be purchased at: https://kodalyfilharmonia.jegy.hu/program/becsi-klasszikusok-149757

Ticket price: HUF 3500, HUF 2700

Date: 21 November

Location: Kölcsey Center, Great Hall

Source: kodalyfilharmonia