“Vivaldi & Talamba – 8 seasons” – Concert at Kölcsey Center

Vivaldi’s nearly three-hundred-year-old masterpiece, the Four Seasons, has been heard in countless versions as one of the world’s best-known classical pieces. 

The audience of the Debrecen Spring Festival is now invited to a musical adventure by the Talamba Percussion Group. In addition to the well-known pieces, the formation pairs their own compositions with a similar mood, thus initiating a fruitful dialogue with the Baroque master.

Summer of Talamba  guides you to the beach, Autumn is paired with a folk melody, Winter’s virtuoso tacts capture the characteristics of the season, so that finally Spring follows the long journey of a drop of water from birth until it reaches the ocean.

Tickets can be purchased via this link.

Date: 10 April, 7.00 p.m.

Location: Kölcsey Center, Great Hall