Wonders of Debrecen in photos and paintings

Approaching the city day, photographer for the Wonders of Debrecen page Péter Károlyi, and painter Adrienn Nagy will exhibit their works in a joint exhibition on the 4th of April at Benedek Elek Library.

Adrienn was very impressed by Péter’s photos, and Péter says that it is a great honour for him that the painter was “inspired by his photos and, as a result, creates beautiful paintings of the city”. The first picture, based on Péter’s photo, depicts the Small Reformed Church, and the original photo will still be on display at the exhibition.

The joint exhibition will be the 19th in sequence on Adrienn Nagy’s career, but she is waiting for it just as enthusiastically as Péter, who is also happy because this is the first exhibition at which the Debrecen Wonders page will debut its photos. For Adrienn it is a great pleasure  that since her friends see the city again in my paintings, according to their own admission, they walk the streets much more attentively.

Péter says although they boast more than 47,000 followers, many do not know who took the photos. This anonymity is now removed, and you can get to know me, the person behind the lens. Péter sees that Debrecen has a very good mix of modern and classic styles, which creates a unique cityscape and atmosphere.

Date: 4 April
Location: Benedek Elek Library, Piac Street 68

Source: dehir.hu