World-famous Exhibition comes to MODEM in August

After the MOMA in New York, the Sphere in Las Vegas and the Grammy Gala, Refik Anadol, who uses artificial intelligence as a paintbrush,  will present his works at the MODEM in Debrecen.

“Refik Anadol, the star creator of contemporary art and ever-changing installations generated by artificial intelligence (AI), will exhibit for the first time in Hungary. In 2023, he transformed the Sphere in Las Vegas into the world’s largest AI-generated artwork, while the artist’s swirling, mesmerising light show was simultaneously admired by the audience of New York’s MOMA for a year, and at the end of the year Anadol made the Grammy Gala unforgettable with his spectacular stage world,” according to MODEM’s press release.

This August, the video work of the acclaimed Turkish multimedia artist Rumi Dreams will visit Debrecen.

Refik Anadol is a Turkish digital, new media artist based in Los Angeles since the early 2010s, a pioneer of AI art applications, a recipient of numerous international awards, and a leading figure in contemporary visual arts. His large-scale works have been presented in many places around the world, from airports to concert halls, from public squares to world-famous contemporary museums, from Charlotte, North Carolina, through the Venice Biennale, Istanbul and Seoul, to Melbourne.

The Istanbul-born, American-based artist’s large-scale video work Rumi Dreams (Rumi Dreams), which requires a 32 m2 LED wall, will be presented at MODEM,  which was made in memory of Mevlana Jallaludin Rumi, a Persian poet, philosopher, scientist and Sufi mystic who lived in the 13th century. 

“The aim of the exhibition is to demonstrate how digital and traditional art can be mixed to create an immersive experience. Rumi Dreams is also part of MODEM’s series of projects in which it allies itself with literature, a key element of Debrecen’s cultural identity, offering new opportunities for interaction between different artistic disciplines,” as stated in MODEM’s announcement.

They added that as part of the Turkish-Hungarian Cultural Year 2024 and the 58th Debrecen Flower Carnival, the exhibition of Refik Anadol, the world-famous Turkish media artist, would be one of the highlights of the event.

The exhibition at MODEM is a collaboration between the Municipality of Debrecen, the Metropolitan Municipality of Konya, the Turkish Embassy in Budapest and MODEM Debrecen. The exhibition will be open from the 3rd  to the 31st of  August.


Date: 3-31 August
Location: MODEM

Source: dehir.hu