The Municipality of Debrecen, in accordance with tradition, organised commemorations and festive programmes on the occasion of 15 March on the 14th and the 15th of  March 2024.

In this context, an exhibition on the history of the Hussars entitled “Because the Hussar is the first soldier of the Lord God…” was opened on the 14th of March in the New Town Hall Gallery. The exhibits mostly show uniforms, weapons, sabres, swords, paintings, personal and decorative items from the golden age of the Hussars.

At the opening ceremony of the exhibition, Deputy Mayor Ákos Balázs said, “The city’s institutions, churches, universities, educational institutions and NGOs are celebrating the anniversary in an exemplary cooperation, confirming our belief that values can be created and preserved through community cooperation.” He added that the celebration of the significant anniversaries of Hungarian history would not be complete without the participation of communities from beyond the borders, and the exhibition is one of the jewels of the programme.

The exhibition was presented by Gellért Tamás, a traditional hussar and collector, with a toast by historian, President of the Debrecen Value Collection Committee Dr. János Mazsu and Secretary of the Hungarian Hussar Foundation Dr. János Bene. The opening ceremony was attended by singer Lajos Rákóczi and traditional hussars from all over the country. The exhibition can be viewed until the 5th of April during the opening hours of the New Town Hall.

After the opening, the programme continued on Kossuth Square, where a spectacular show entitled “Strength! Honesty!” was held and presented by the Hussars themselves.

At the event the contributors were the Szilágyság Traditional Guard Team of the 15th Mátyás Hussar Regiment, Széchenyi István Hussar squadron from Bihardiószeg, Bürkös Orchestra, Debrecen Honvéd Dance Ensemble, Debrecen Folk Ensemble, Hajdú-Bihar County Hussar Traditionalist Association, traditionalists of Hanover Hussar Regiment, the Szentjobb Hussar Traditionalist Band, Szilágybagos Mákvirág Men’s Choir, the 15th Mátyás Hussar Regiment of Szováta, the Terbete Folk Dance Ensemble, as well as taragot – artist József Birtalan, music teacher  Attila Gáspár, folk singer Máté Lilla and singer Lajos Rákóczi.

Deputy Mayor Ákos Balázs spoke at the event about how Debrecen is not only the guardian of freedom, but also of tradition.

He emphasised that nowadays, we come across ideas and thoughts that, as part of the culture of abolition, consider the concepts we have been accustomed to and considered valuable for centuries, such as the homeland, nation, tradition, communities, Christianity, family, to be outdated, out of date and to be abolished. Debrecen, as a guard town, affirms the eternal legitimacy of these value

The traditional Hussars’ meeting is much more than a remembrance of the past, a recollection of Hungarian warfare and folk music culture of past centuries.

Source: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U