According to Deputy Mayor István Puskás, the new KraftLab music studio could help young people in their musical careers.

Songwriting and composition, digital and analog –  the new KraftLab music studio is a place where amateurs and professionals alike can dive into the mysteries of composition.

Ákos Vereckey, a Telekom Electronic Beats employee said that “what is perhaps easiest and most exciting for most people is that they can DJ. I think in every group of friends; there is someone who is picking out what music to play at a house party, someone who wants to DJ, someone who has a buddy who DJs and then wants to try it out. “ 

Here young people are given free rein to create. In addition to the podcast and video studios already in operation, the newly opened MusicLab’s tools are supported by tutorial videos, workshops, and staff.

Péter Barna, head of communications for the Telekom segment, explained that they have a booking system to book a room. But if people do not want to book a room, they can simply come in and talk to their staff.

Currently, around 300 young people a month are taking advantage of the existing facilities. In the music studio, they can work with instruments, machines, and tools that professional musicians use.

The facilities of Telekom Kraft are completely free and open to all. 

István Puskás, Deputy Mayor of Debrecen, said: “I am sure that through the high-quality service offered, which is free of charge, many young people will be helped to build a career in music or even just to live their passion in the city. I am sure that from these passions many, many values can be born,” he pointed out.

The Open Day, held to mark the inauguration of the new studio, was also attended by well-known national performers, who were even invited to discuss their working methods.

Source: dehir.hu

Author: Debrecen4U