Once again, visitors can experience a celebration of music in Debrecen on 25th of March. 

Between 10 a.m. and midnight, 165 music acts will play at eight venues. Within this number, groups from two guest cities (Veszprémand Târgu Mures) will appear at this year’s Debrecen festival. 

The organizers have invited the following bands and performers to open the festival:  PG Csoport, Insane, LUX, Marcell Likó, Tibi bácsi, Nagy Bogi, A Nyughatatlan (The Restless), and Boobstorm. 

András Süli, a Music Hungary Association board member, said that the event’s success is shown by the fact that several bands have been formed, especially for the event, even for a single occasion. This will be the case, for example, with Monchichi Potencial, which he is a member of and which was founded twenty years ago. Their band has not been back together for 15 years, but now they are about to do so.” said András Süli, the main event organizer.

Singer Fruzsina Erdős said that this event has a special meaning because of the “home turf” aspect, as they will be performing in front of family and friends, which is always an extra motivation.

András Süli added that the number of bands applying has increased by 40 compared to last year, so the concerts start at 10 a.m. They also ensured that the early time slot was filled with the better-known acts in their category.

In Debrecen – as in rural towns in general – there are few places suitable for live music at the moment, and music is rather marginalized in public school education – there is almost no light music section. But he hopes that in the next period, entrepreneurs will “grow up” and not only think about food and drink in a restaurant but also about having a stage in the corner with the right equipment.

However, the opportunities are still expanding, thanks to the University of Debrecen training in popular music and the recently opened KraftLab music studio.

Fruzsina Erdős – who herself teaches light music singing there – said of the University of Debrecen’s training that it is unique because the music degree courses in the country are classical, jazz, or folk music, and it has not been possible to obtain a light music degree until now. And this is a huge opportunity for many people.

Source: dehir.hu 

Author: Debrecen4U