Wizz Air had three seasonal flights operating from Debrecen in the summer of 2023; its planes flew to Antalya in Turkey, Corfu in Greece and Burgas in Bulgaria until October. 

Previously, Wizz Air would restart all three of its summer flights in the summer, but now one of the flights has been significantly extended, will be restarted much earlier and will operate longer.

The flight in question is to Burgas, where, according to the original plans, the planes would have travelled from May to October 5, but can now be booked on Wizz Air from 1st April until 25th October with two departures per week.

Burgas, on the Black Sea coast, is a popular holiday destination, and in previous years, charter flights were available for people from Debrecen, with Wizz Air launching its first seasonal flight last year.

The Corfu service will operate from mid-June to the end of September, and the Turkish service from early April to the end of October.

From Debrecen airport, Wizz Air currently flies to London, Eindhoven, Larnaca in Cyprus (which has not been a holiday destination for some time but operates all year round) and Egypt (the latter is a seasonal flight, operating until spring), while Lufthansa flies to Munich. In mid-December, Wizz Air will launch a flight to Rome, for which the airline says there is strong demand.

The flight to Tel Aviv, Israel, was suspended by Wizz Air after the terrorist attack on Israel, and will certainly not be flying from Debrecen this year. They are currently planning and hoping to re-launch the flight in January, which is also important for tourism.

Wizz Air’s communications manager said they are monitoring the situation. They have not given up on it because it was very successful, and they want to restart it, but of course, the safety of passengers and staff is the most important thing.

Source: dehir.hu |Photo credit: Facebook (Papp László)

Author: Debrecen4U