Concerts and Exhibitions at Deszka Festival in Debrecen

Debrecen will host one of the biggest theatre events in Hungary this year, the XV Deszka Festival between the 9th and the 18th of May. Apart from theatre events, the festival awaits visitors with  many other interesting and entertaining programmes.

Concerts at  XV DESZKA Festival

During the XV DESZKA Festival from the 12th  to the 18th of  May, every afternoon at 5.00 p.m. concerts will be held on Dósa nádor Square (on the 18th, the programme starts at 9.00 p.m.)

12 May – Concert of Czappa Band
Most of the performances of the Vojtina Puppet Theatre are accompanied by live music,but if we asked the children to recall the faces of the musicians, they would surely be in trouble. Now is the opportunity as the occasional association has changed genres to soulful rock.

13 May – Gergő Dánielfy’s acoustic concert
Acoustic concert of Gergő Dánielfy, the young singer from Debrecen at the DESZKA Festival, where he will perform his own compositions and songs he likes. The singer describes his concert as an emotional rollercoaster ride, as he will share his stories and experiences with the audience during his performance.

14 May – Speak now
In the joint production of two excellent actors of the Csokonai Theatre, Kinga Újhelyi and Klári Varga, the best of the contemporary Hungarian lyrical production is set to music, with the participation of pianist Gergely Dargó and accordionist János Pusker.

15 May – Ernő Verebes – Béla Wittek duo
The Verebes-Wittek duo is represented in several sound worlds, from Hungarian folk tunes through Eastern modal meditation to improvisational contemporary music. Using singing as an instrumental solo, some have argued that this duo is the world’s smallest trio.

Ernő Verebes – classical/jazz guitar, percussion
Béla Wittek – Indian dutar, ud, coboz, vocals

16 May – Electro Lyra
Unconventional rhythm, with lots of electronics, guitar, flute,  contemporary music and the lines of “dead poets” meet Milán Kiss (guitar, vocals), Dorka Fodor (flute) and Miklós Szénási (keyboards). At Electro Lyra does not set the poems to music, but uses them as lyrics.  Among others, the lines of Ady, Babits, Kosztolányi, József Attila, Pilinszky, Radnóti, Sándor Weöres, Ernő Szép, are thus revived.

17 May – Concert of Vojtina Puppet Theatre
Catchy songs from Vojtina performances, even on the tram children sing/whistle. The musicians and actors of the puppet theatre in an occasional formation. They are followed by the Csokonai Theatre Orchestra. The freshly formed orchestra of the Csokonai National Theatre with the principle “everyone can play music, but hasn’t tried it seriously” are serious in their intentions and play music for pleasure.

18 May 9.00 p.m.  – You can’t fall asleep next to us! Sanzons, couplets, other farces with Kinga Újhelyi and Ferenc DarvasThe Erkel and Fényes Szabolcs Prize-winning composer, Ferenc Darvas, recommends the performance in these words, “the title of the concert is borrowed from Szilárd Darvas’ famous hit. During the evening we will perform our own compositions,there will be poems set to music from Attila József through Zoltán Somlyó to Emily Brontë. There will be English ballads and Csukás fairy-tale music, Kazal couplets and urban folklore, Várady Szabolcs songs. In addition, we evoke my father’s variety show world with mental arithmetic, musical parodies, and playing the piano with stunts… As we promised: we won’t let you sleep!”

Exhibitions at XV DESZKA Festival

11 May 1. 00 p.m. –  Overcoming – Common space, different ways of speaking on the stage of GörDESZKA at Vojtina Puppet Theatre 
The universe of the puppet theatre is a synthesis of all genres, a set of tools, it is infinitely rich when combined with other arts. The contemporary puppet theatre functions as a genre of new modes of perception, it is multimedia and multisensory, affects several senses, and introduces modes of perception into the context of the game. Puppet art makes you aware of visual complexity, creates a kind of intermediate meditative state, an intermediate sphere between the living and the inanimate. The new exhibition uses images and video material from the lectures invited to GörDESZKA Festival.

Welcome address by Deputy Mayor István Puskás

The exhibition can be visited until the 16th of June.

15 May 5.00 p.m.  Kossuth Street 1 – World Medium – Henrik Kemény 99 (Bridges between tradition and contemporary)
The unique legacy of world-renowned puppeteer Henrik Kemény and figure László Vitéz represents the universe of fair puppetry for nearly 150 years. Kemény’s enthusiasm and objects like the brown puppet suitcase, blue cloak, sewing machine, giant puppets, Ligeti relics, and “hokedli” give a glimpse into different periods of Kemény’s life, highlighting his dedication to the art of puppetry.

Date: 9-18 May
Location: various locations in Debrecen