Festival of Award-winning Films with Famous Experts, Football Legends and a Slam Night

The program of the Debrecen BIDF (Budapest International Documentary Film Festival), starts on the 1st of February. Visitors can watch some of the most award-winning documentaries of the past year at Cinema City until the 4th of February. 

The opening of the program will take place on Thursday, on the 1st of February at 4:00 p.m. at the Evani Studio (Piac Street 41. 1/6), where Orsolya Karafiáth will have a talk with the organisers of the event and the experts invited to the professional discussions.

The opening film of the program in Debrecen is the Icelandic work Our Little Homeland.

On the 2nd of February, a Slam evening will take place as a side event in the Malter cultural event space, organised by DebreSalm.

The program in Debrecen also included two Oscar-nominated films and many other works awarded with prestigious international recognition.

The topics will be diverse this year as well. Viewers can see, among others, a heartwarming story about a community organised around a soccer field in a small Icelandic village, the mysterious life of a pair of separated twins, authoritarian regimes using modern technology to monitor people, the Russian-Ukrainian war, school shootings, the sudden disappearance of a world-famous flamenco dancer, or just about the adventurous life of an ageing handsome man.

A total of 9 films await guests in Debrecen. The films are shown in the original language with English and Hungarian subtitles.

This time at the event in Debrecen, a jury consisting of students delegated by the city’s three high schools, Ady Endre High School, Kós Károly Art High School and Tóth Árpád High School, evaluate the films, and at the end of the festival, an audience award winner is also announced.

Each screening is followed by a professional discussion with invited experts on the topic raised by the film, in which, of course, the audience can also be an active participant.

More information about the event in Debrecen and the films shown here is 

available here.

Date:1-4 February

Location: Cinema City Debrecen