Galiba Children Festival

Galiba Festival is a four-day children’s festival held during the annual Flower Carnival in mid-August.

The festival offers nearly 200 free activities for children and their families over five days in the country’s only classic amusement park.

The children’s festival features interactive and exciting stage performances, magic shows, concerts, board games, video games, arts and crafts, sports demonstrations, and a wide range of activities that provide both fun and skill development. It also offers a glimpse into the world of trades and crafts.

History of the Galiba Children’s Festival

It was born in 2012 as the little brother of the Flower Carnival, where groups of children and urban communities could experience for themselves what it is like to design, build and present their own small flower floats in front of an audience of thousands.

But who is GALIBA?

A goose, but not just any goose! He is from a narrative poem, Lúdas Matyi by Fazekas Mihály, which has a modern version by György Schwajda. According to György Schwajda, “there is no animal more beautiful than a goose”, and he is as skilled at mischief as he is at merriment. Just like children…

Over the past 10 years, the one-day children’s programme has grown into a five-day, colourful children’s and youth festival.

Date: Middle of August

Location: Amusement Park

We will announce the details of upcoming events.