Green for Life Roadshow starts on Thursday

HUMDA Hungarian Mobility Development Agency PLC., a part of the Széchenyi University Group, is launching a comprehensive e-mobility roadshow called “Zöld Életre Valók” (Green for Life) in Debrecen on the 7th of March. The roadshow, which will visit various locations throughout the country and stay for four days each, aims to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly energy in everyday life and encourage the transition to green energy, which is the future of the Hungarian economy in households, transportation, and industry.

Between the 7th and the 10th of  March, organisers are expecting visitors from kindergarten age to the elderly at Kossuth Square in Debrecen. The mission of the HUMDA Green for Life national e-mobility and technology roadshow is to raise awareness about hydrogen technology, energy storage and electric vehicles, their benefits, operation and environmental aspects.

The roadshow will offer public installations and free activities in public spaces during the first half of the year. For information on exact locations and dates, visit the roadshow website, zoldeletrevalok.hu and the HUMDA website.

At the technology exhibition, visitors can test their skills on a go-kart track, learn about road safety at the park, and view exhibits of electric buses, cars, and e-scooters. A VR headset offers a range of virtual exhibits related to green mobility, while an interactive wall provides information on modern energy storage solutions.

“The energy ecosystem of the future will be based on energy storage solutions that will play an increasingly important role in many areas of everyday life, including transport. In particular, the strategic importance of energy storage will play a key role in facilitating the integration of renewable energy sources,”  Chairman of the Board of Directors of HUMDA Hungarian Mobility Development Agency PLC Balázs Weingartner said.

A professional workshop is being held in connection with the Zöld Életre Valók (Green for Life) Roadshow, where local and national decision-makers, as well as business leaders and experts in the region, will review comprehensive energy, energy storage, and automotive topics. The Energia21 initiative also participated in the development of the professional content of the workshop.

The purpose of the event series is to promote and raise awareness about green energy as the future of the Hungarian economy. The colour of energy is green, but it only makes sense if it can be stored. A new industrial revolution is taking place worldwide, and those who do not participate will fall behind. The HUMDA Green Life campaign will join the event series on the 21st of March to educate about sustainability, environmental awareness, hydrogen technology, and future transportation until the 30th of Apri. Users can complete tasks in a specially designed web application and compete for prizes such as electric bicycles, scooters, and six months of electric car usage. The chances of winning can also be increased by attending the Green Life roadshow.


Source: dehir.hu