Halloween Street Festival

Thanks to last year’s great success, this year there will be a Halloween Street Festival again on Batthyány Street.
On the 27 October 2023, between 5.00 pm and 9.00 pm, the team of the Debrecen Creative Community is waiting for visitors again.

Restaurants will have special themed offers, shops will be dressed up for Halloween, and institutions will be inviting children and teenagers in costume to collect sweets and play games.

Dress up for the occasion, bring a lantern and let the mystical chocolate hunt begin.

🎈 Programs for children (ages 0-11)
🔸 Costume contest
🔸 “Ghosty” stories
🔸 Community dance
🔸 Trick or treat! game and candy collection
🔸 Presentation of legendary animals
🔸 Face painting
🔸 Street film screening
🎈 Programs for youngsters (from 12 years old)
🔸 Costume contest
🔸 Horror stories
🔸 “Ghosty” games
🔸 Halloween selfie
🔸 JustDance in the darkness
All shops and associations of the Debrecen Creative Community participate in the program.
Participation in the program is free.
Source: Facebook – Debreceni Kreatív Közösség | Photo credit: Pixabay