Hungarian Republic Day – 23 October

Since October 23, 1989, this significant day has been a double national holiday in Hungary: the day of the outbreak of the revolution in 1956 and the day of the proclamation of the Hungarian Republic in 1989.

The Hungarian Republic Day is celebrated and commemorated by various events, including wreath-laying ceremonies, memorial services, cultural programs, and historical exhibitions commemorate this day

The Hungarian national flag, with its tricolor of red, white, and green, is prominently displayed during the celebrations. Red symbolizes valor, white stands for freedom, and green represents hope.

All exhibitions of the Déri Museum, the Ferenc Medgyessy Memorial Exhibition and the House of Debrecen Literature can be visited free of charge by everyone during the national holidays. 

Date and time: 23 October, during the usual opening hours in Debrecen.

Source: Programturizmus