The Hedgehog and the Squirrel – Exhibition of the Natural History Museum

As part of the Great Forest Week event series, hedgehogs and squirrels take centre stage in the Natural History Museum’s exhibition. Visitors can take a peek into the world of two iconic forest animals, the hedgehog and the squirrel, get to know their habits, and discover their everyday life.

The exhibition can be viewed from until 10th November.

The opening of the Nature Museum’s exhibition the Hedgehog  and the Squirrel is on 11th October at 2 p.m. Greetings are given by Dr. János Mazsu, the president of Great Forest Society.

The exhibition will be opened with an interactive tour guide Zoltán Váradi, Head of the Natural History Museum.

From 11th October until 10th November.

Location: DEMKI Borsos-villa Community Hall, 1 Borsos József Square 1