Szaft ‘n Burger

Szaft ‘n Burger is a professional Hamburger Grilling Competition with Cash Prizes: ‘The Burger of the Country’

This exciting competition, complemented by a steak roast, takes place at the beginning of September by Békás Lake in Debrecen.

The primary objective of this event is to host a cash prize competition and gastronomic jamboree, adhering to strict professional standards, in the unique setting of Békás-tó. It includes an impartial jury tasked with selecting ‘The Burger of the Country’ from among accomplished participants in the professional field.

The Burger Festival warmly welcomes families, groups of friends, and children who have a penchant for hamburgers and top-quality meat. In addition to the professional category with cash prizes, there are various other categories to participate in, including an amateur individual category, a team competition, a junior competition, and even a freestyle competition (allowing for the use of other meats, fish, or vegan ingredients).

Beyond the culinary delights and refreshments, attendees can immerse themselves in a lively atmosphere featuring a music program and stage presentations.