Saint Dömötör Day Herding Festival at Hortobágy

This year as well, the Herding Festival is organised in Hortobágy at a new location, in the area of the Máta Herd (Mátai Ménes).

In Hortobágy, following the traditions of the old folk customs, both the shepherds and their livestock prepare for the winter and the animals are driven from the desert pastures to their winter accommodation.

Those who come to the event can meet up close the shepherds’ animals – Hungarian racka sheep, nonius horses, four-ox buffalo herds, and six-ox Hungarian gray cattle herds, which parade in front of visitors in the company of the shepherds, colts and cattle herders.

During the day-long event, there will be a craft fair, shepherd’s dishes cooked in a cauldron, and within the framework of the Crane Festival program of the Hortobágy National Park Administration nature science games and craft activities await everyone.

At the event, the tradition of lighting the Shepherd’s Bonfire, which was revived last year, will be held again this year, with which the shepherds say goodbye to the grazing season.

Date: 21 October, 10am – 6pm, Máta Herd, Hortobágy

Entrance is free.

Source: Debrecen.Imami.hu