Wunderbar Festival Programmes in Debrecen

For one week, the German language will play a leading role in Debrecen.

The 3rd Wunderbar Festival, the week of the German language, will take place between 8th and the 14th of April.The aim of the national program series is to make even more people enthusiastic about learning the German language. The existence of the festival is justified by the fact that we are closely connected to German-speaking countries through our common Central European history and the German minority in Hungary, and the intensive economic relations and German-language courses offer excellent career opportunities. In Debrecen, the German Cultural Forum is the organising partner cooperating with the embassies.

Between the 8th  and the 12th of April the participants of language, literature and country knowledge programs are:

  • Debrecen German Primary School (singing competition and painting competition), Dózsa György Primary School (flashmob, spring folk customs)
  • Epreskert Primary School (getting to know Grimm’s fairy tales) 
  • Ady Endre High School (German poetry and prose recitation competition)
  • Csokonai Vitéz Mihály High School (country knowledge competition)
  • Mechwart András  Engineering and Information Technology Technical School (professional experience transfer with storytelling)
  • Bethlen Gábor Technical School of Economics (Bavarian music and dance morning greeting)
  • Austrian Library in Debrecen (Austria quiz)
  • Institute of German Studies (presentation by Roland Kaehlbrandt, Spiegel bestseller)

According to the announcement of the Debrecen German Cultural Forum, the German, Austrian and Swiss Embassies organise approximately 200 language, cultural and artistic program elements through their cultural and training partner organisations. The motto “Deutsch.Deine Eintrittskarte” (“German is your entry ticket”) refers to the fact that knowledge of the German language and cultural knowledge is the ticket to success in many areas of our lives, such as further education, the world of arts, the labour market, nurturing our common European historical traditions. 

The cultural offer of the Wunderbar Festival in Debrecen also includes film screenings in Apolló cinema:

  • the German-Swiss family film Torzonborz, the robber will be shown in Hungarian from 1:30 p.m. on Monday, the 8th of April
  • Adults can see the Swiss-Danish comedy, Die goldenen Jahre ((Our Golden Years) on Wednesday, the 10th of April, from 8.00 p.m. 
  • The films are free, but registration is required: you can sign up for the screening of Torzonborz, the robber here,, and to watch our Golden Years by clicking here.

On Wednesday, the 10th of April, the students of the city and the region studying German can get to know the companies with German interests in the city of Cívis in the Kölcsey Center. The sponsor of the event is the Municipality of Debrecen, the opening ceremony will be held by Deputy Mayor Lajos Barcsa. At the event the representatives of the companies tell about their career paths, students can listen to colourful stories from the employees who became successful thanks to their knowledge of German language. After the presentations, at the companies’ stands, the students can also contact company employees personally to discuss job opportunities.

Exhibitors: BMW Group Plant Debrecen; British Telecommunications; Bürkle Hungary Ltd; Debrecen BSC Round Table; Deufol Hungary Ltd; Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions; Diehl Aviation Hungary Ltd; Krones Hungary Ltd; Lidl Hungary; Manz Hungary Ltd; Schaeffler Debrecen Ltd; Sensirion Hungary Ltd; UD youMED Nonprofit Ltd.

More information about the Career Day is available here, and you can register for the free program by clicking here .

The national closing event will also take place in Debrecen at the Kölcsey Center on Friday, on the 12th of April, between 2.00 p.m. and 4:30 p.m., where the embassies of Austria, Germany and Switzerland will be represented at the closing event, where Mayor László Papp gives a welcome speech, and the event will be hosted by the President of Debrecen German Cultural Forum, Andrea Horváth. 

  • The program will be colourful with live check-ins of the national programs, a joint musical performance  of the German Primary School in Debrecen and Csokonai High School in Debrecen. 
  • Ambassadors tell stories about their German-speaking countries: How to play the alpine horn? – Are cows really purple in Germany? “Do all Austrians love Mozart?” 
  • Finally, company managers talk to students under the topic “German language in the economy”.
  • Entry is free, but prior registration is required.

Due to the participation of international companies established in Debrecen, the career day, playful language programs at school and the national closing event coincide with the #GermanPlusDebrecen campaign. This campaign is a joint effort of the Cívis city, international companies, embassies and foreign cultural representations, as well as the university to popularise the knowledge of German.

Date: 8-14 April

Location: various locations in Debrecen