Ikon, Debrecen

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Located in the heart of the city, on Piac Street, IKON Restaurant stands out with its modern cuisine. Chef Ádám Thür has been working in England since 2005, and his dishes are an interesting mix of British country cuisine and Hungarian classics, of which the desserts stand out in particular. First of all, they strive to present the diversity of local ingredients, taking into account local values and needs. The restaurant was included in the Michelin Guide Hungary publication in 2022.

4025 Debrecen, Piac street 23.

+36 30 299 0374

Vintage World Cafe & Flower

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Vintage World Cafe & Flower opened its doors in 2016 in downtown Debrecen. Coffee, breakfast, handcrafted cakes, refreshments, gifts. They sell wildflower compositions, ever-glowing foam rose boxes, and home decor accessories. They also have a webshop where you can find silk and foam rose boxes, handmade confectionery specialities and a wide range of home decor products.

4025 Debrecen, Arany János street. 6.

+36 52 445 445

The macaron bites

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The macaron bites is Debrecen’s first macaron maker. Each macaron is shaped with care, patience and professionalism. They use only natural, fresh and premium quality ingredients to create their permanent and seasonal specialities. You can order from the shop for events such as weddings, birthdays or even for your home. When ordering, you can choose between macaron towers with a minimum of 50 and a maximum of 195 pieces and macaron walls with a 40-piece structure.

4025 Debrecen, Piac street 43.

+36 30 867 0527

DG Italiano

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DG Italiano Ristorante, Bar, Pizzeria opened its doors in Debrecen in 2021. They prepare their food in the spirit of Italian cuisine, from fresh ingredients, with heart and soul and offer it to their guests in an Italian environment. Their restaurant also has a show kitchen.

4025 Debrecen, Piac street 39.

+36 30 402 2454

Borterasz Étterem

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In addition to offering high-quality food, the Borterasz Restaurant awaits its guests with a number of wine specialities. Wine tastings, wine dinners, birthdays, family and other gatherings, including weddings and corporate events with a pre-arranged menu can be organised in the Borterasz Restaurant.

4025 Debrecen, Piac street 19.

+36 70 708 9198


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The team of Borháló is committed to offering customers quality wines. Borháló is constantly working to ensure that wine lovers can find quality items that match their style. Together with famous Hungarian winemakers, they create wines that are only available in Borháló. Since the foundation in 2013, they have nearly 50 franchise partners.

4026 Debrecen, Péterfia street 29.

+36 52 793 949

Barabás Étterem és Partiszervíz

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Barabás Restaurant is a Hungarian restaurant in the heart of Debrecen that aims to bring back classic Hungarian hospitality, wrapped in a new look. They strive to bring back the flavours of the masterpieces of Hungarian cuisine. They use excellent, fresh ingredients; and draw inspiration from the masterpieces of international cuisine to make sure that everyone can find something to their taste. In the restaurant, guests can not only enjoy a mouth-watering lunch or dinner, but they also host larger gatherings of family or friends, weddings, and corporate events, held in three special rooms.

4024 Debrecen, Vár street 11.

+36 52 502 231

Csokonai Étterem

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The Csokonai Restaurant in Debrecen is a cosy restaurant in a cellar, which is certified by the Hungarian Gastronomy Association. The different sized and styled rooms are perfect for hosting larger groups and organising events, in what is one of the city’s best restaurants. The menu includes a rich selection of international and traditional Hungarian dishes. The selection also includes street food dishes; guests can choose from various handmade hamburgers and pies baked on an iron plate.

4024 Debrecen, Kossuth street 21.

+36 52 410 802

Belga Étterem

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The building, which already served as an inn at the end of the 19th century, houses one of the most popular inner-city restaurants today. The main attractions of the restaurant are its inner patio, a terrace jazzed up with live music, overlooking the promenade of Piac street, the town’s widest selection of Belgian beers, as well as such culinary delights as the pink peppercorn-crusted beef tenderloin or the various dishes made from Hungarian grey cattle beef.

4025 Debrecen Piac street 29.

+36 52 536 373

Nonna Rosa

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A restaurant in the heart of Debrecen, specialising in authentic Italian cooking: pasta, fish and pizza – all prepared from original, Italian ingredients and traditional recipes. Lovers of the Italian cuisine will also prize a genuine Mediterranean spirit, as well as a selection of Italian and Hungarian wines and real Italian coffee.

4024 Debrecen Piac street 12.

+36 70 434 9180

Régi Posta Étterem

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“Régi Posta” is a Hungarian-style cellar restaurant, with a special historical atmosphere. This is sensed by visitors who find that the fully renovated building satisfies every modern expectation and has also well preserved its historical values. Régi Posta tempts guests with real traditional flavours, dishes made from quality materials sourced locally, and a kitchen satisfying the highest gastronomic demands. On the one hand, the restaurant offers à la carte dining, and on the other hand, it is also the ideal venue for a relaxing evening in a pleasant atmosphere, for business meetings, birthdays and other celebrations, garden grill parties, outdoor cooking in cauldrons, receptions or other events.

4025 Debrecen Széchenyi street 6.

+36 52 325 325


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A European-style, elegant restaurant near the university. International kitchen, a restaurant seating 130 people, and a covered terrace with an additional 80 seats. The venue is suitable for special cocktail parties, dinners, business lunches and dinners and other events. A set menu is also available on weekdays. Melange is easily accessible and offers free parking.

4024 Debrecen Csapó street 24.

+36 20 290 9211

Carol Art & Cafe, Carol Gasztroműhely

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At the cooking school “ Carol Gastroműhely”, everyone has the opportunity to take part in diverse cooking courses. The courses are available not only for meat lovers, but also for vegans at beginner and advanced levels. Last but not least, children are welcome with children’s cooking courses. They work with fresh and organic vegetables, fruits and Italian ingredients, while the cooking experience is led by highly qualified chefs. It is also possible to organise various events on-site.

4027 Debrecen, Böszörményi road 68.

+36 70 528 6308

Chef Academy

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The professional chefs of this cookery school will be happy to help you acquire the expertise you need to become an expert in Hungarian as well as international cuisine. Children and adults, novices and serious foodies are all welcome. The fresh and healthy ingredients are locally sourced by the region’s best organic farms.

4032 Debrecen, Karinthy Frigyes Street 16.

+36 30 499 4372

The street bar “MASZEK” brings the usual quality of big cities, with a constantly renewed home-style cuisine and a weekly menu. All this is complemented by a bar with a unique atmosphere on the ground floor, where customers can sample cocktail specialities with exceptional flavours. It also has one of the largest selection of drinks in Eastern Hungary, with Hungarian and foreign wines, Hungarian craft and Belgian draught beers, overseas short drinks, French sparkling wines and Italian prosecco. The bar attracts guests with its youthful energy.

4025 Debrecen, Simonffy street 2/A

+36 52 873 349

Mokka Drink Bar

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One of the ambient squares in the centre of Debrecen is Hal köz, featuring spectacular buildings, contemporary arts galleries, colourful fountains and other water elements, and last but certainly not least, a number of outdoor cafés and terraces. Opening as one of the first among them was MOKKA Drink Bar, where an exquisite environment, service with a smile, friendly prices, and a patio bar serving a variety of refreshing drinks await the guests. The offerings include top-notch coffees, cocktails, and beer specialities. All staff members are trained baristas, which is a guarantee of quality.

4025 Debrecen Hal köz 3/a.

+36 52 747 312

Black Sheep

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Freshly roasted, high-quality coffees with special tastes typical of their type and production area. In addition to special, freshly roasted coffees, guest can choose from delicious home-made cakes, while observing the process of coffee roasting.

4024 Debrecen Csapó street 23.

+36 20 418 7305

Volt egyszer

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“Volt egyszer” is Debrecen’s first take-away café, first opened in the vicinity of the Reformed Great Church. The choice of name is not accidental, as the proprietors would like to bring back the friendly atmosphere, intimacy and attentive service of old cafés, while putting it in the context of our fast-paced world today. Accordingly, the store was designed with coffee lovers asking for their favorite beverage “to go” in a paper cup in mind, but of course, they also thought of those who would prefer to enjoy their coffee there. “Volt Egyszer” café is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a venue for meetings, company events, birthdays, a chat after theater, or just sitting down somewhere nice for a cup of coffee.

4024 Debrecen Piac street 16.

+36 52 218 105

Karakter1517 Bookshop and Café

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In the very heart of Debrecen’s city center, right behind the Reformed Big Church, a glass building gives home to Karakter1517 Bookshop and Café. The places is characteristic not only in its name but in its atmosphere as well since guests and customers can read books and have their coffee in one place while having a nice view of the Big Church and the surrounding park.

4026 Debrecen Kossuth square 8325

+36 52 614 186

Árkád Café

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An intimate, relaxed atmosphere, freshly roasted coffee, and a wide assortment of beverages on offer await for the guests at Árkád Café in the city center, right next to the Great Reformed Church. The café is an ideal location for meeting friends, family members, or a business partner, browse the internet, or just relaxing a little far from the hustling world.

4026 Debrecen Piac street 4.

+36 52 315 941

Cafe Frei

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Cafe Frei serves its guests the world’s favourite coffees, teas, cakes and pastries. In Cafe Frei, coffee is brewed from freshly roasted beans in the company’s plant. What makes the experience of flavours incomparable is that they serve coffee from 100% hand-picked arabica beans, sorted several times already at the plantations. The coffees are brewed based on their own recipes, Dutch mixing master and coffee chefs, supplementing the Italian “coffee kitchen” also with the finest creations of Arabic, Caribbean and East-Asian coffee-making traditions. The cakes, pastries, wines, and breads sold are all “original”: they are similar to the world’s favourite products and are the real deal. They are brought to Hungary from France, Italy, or all the way from Australia – whether they be pastries, coffee, or wine. Cafe Frei wants you to taste the whole world right here in Hungary!

4024 Debrecen Rózsa street 2.

+36 30 180 4222

Buri Buri

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Streetfood-style French fries, fajitas, buritos, buri-buris, Mexican hot dog, and piadinas. The latter is a flatbread originating from Northern Italy, which is becoming increasingly popular also in Hungary, owing to its versatility, as it can be filled with practically anything. There are also ham, tuna and sausage-filled, as well as vegetarian buri-buris on the menu. A big favourite of many is Crudo E Ruccola, made with cheese cream, Parma ham, rocket salad and mozzarella.

4025 Debrecen Simonffy street 11.

+36 70 553 4263

Wok to Box

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The owner of Wok To Box restaurant had previously managed an Asian restaurant for six years, and at the same time, he also learned in several Oriental restaurants, standing directly at the wok, the characteristic cooking techniques, the secrets of at that time several far eastern restaurant standing near the wok from the typical cooking techniques and the secrets of the pure Japanese, Thai, Indonesian, and Vietnamese flavors. In the fast-serving restaurant in Debrecen, delicious dishes made in Asian woks from fresh ingredients await guests, who can choose from various pasta and rice dishes and eight kinds of sauces.

4025 Debrecen Simonffy street 1/a.

+36 30 965 2269

Pepe Panini Café

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Premium street food and elegant environment at two locations in Debrecen. Pepe Panini Café brings real value to its foods and drinks in an exclusive environment where everything is about harmony, comfort, and individuality. They are determined to help their guests in our accelerated world to find a place offering nutritionally balanced food in a stress-free environment, with high-quality coffees, and to acquaint them with the “coffeeshop feeling”. Pepe Panini Café offers a wide variety of dishes all day long, so those having an early start of the day can choose from breakfast sandwiches, pastries, omelettes, and home-style jams. Everything is made fresh to order and is guaranteed to kick-start your day. Their purpose is to bring the atmosphere of new-wave coffee shops in Debrecen, and therefore, a constantly changing offering of speciality coffees is also available.

4027 Debrecen Egyetem square 2.

+36 30 190 3555

Mignon pastry shop

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Mignon can be found within a short walking distance from Csokonai Theater. The pastry shop offers traditional cakes as well as so-called mono desserts and dessert cakes baked with modern technology. The cakes offered by Mignon are so popular that they can be found on the menu of more and more family and business occasions. Customers can also taste here Debrecen’s cake.

4024 Debrecen Kossuth street 9.

+36 52 874 228

Mákvirág pastry shop

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The shop offers quality cakes baked without any artificial ingredient, margarine or plant mousse but with quality butter, milk cream with high-fat content, egg, 100% fruit pulp, fresh spices, flavors, tastes and textures. Customers can buy here traditional cakes like Eszterházy and Dobos, chocolate cake with cooked cream, as well as colorful macarons, French tart and mousse, delicious chocolate assortments, and in summer ice cream made from fresh fruits, chocolate, milk cream and spices. Customers can also taste here Debrecen’s cake.

4031 Debrecen Bartók Béla road 17.

+36 30 753 1760

Szőke Confectionery

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Szőke Confectionery offers an intimate atmosphere, where many people running errands stop by for a piece of cake, a coffee, or some other refreshments, and in fact they also often also ask for an extra few slices to go so they can surprise their family members or co-workers. The confectionery often serves as a meeting place for young people, and groups of friends, and as a venue for business meetings. Szőke Confectionery welcomes guests with much love, excellent products, and meticulously polite service. Customers can also taste here Debrecen’s cake.

4025 Debrecen Hatvan street 6.

+36 52 447 753

Kismandula Confectionery

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Kismandula Confectionery was opened as the second store of the family business in May 1999, and has since become a landmark in the city centre. Kismandula can be found in a popular downtown square behind the building of Csokonai Theatre. It is a place for after-school conversations, business meetings, family events, birthday celebrations and other occasions. As the locals know well, the always ambient interior, the terrace with a fountain in the summer, quick and precise service, favourable prices, and mouthwatering, unforgettably delicious flavours await visitors year round. Customers can also taste here the cake of Debrecen.

4024 Debrecen Liszt Ferenc street 10.

+36 52 310 873

Mandula Confectionery

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Mandula Confectionery started as a family enterprise more than a quarter century ago, and has since developed into a business with three locations in Debrecen. One of these is in the greenbelt district of the city, in Ember Pál Street, where delicious cakes, home-style cookies and other sweets, speciality coffees are combined with high-quality service and favourable prices. Customers can also taste here Debrecen’s cake.

4028 Debrecen Ember Pál street 23.

+36 52 345 360

Ibolya Pastry Shop

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This small but sweet pastry shop can be found in Árpád Square, close to the city center. The shop’s goal is to offer cakes that put a smile on customers’ face. Customers can taste here Debrecen’s cake.

4029 Debrecen Bercsényi street 4.

+36 30 276 3480

Kiss Virág pasrty shop

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Quality ingredients without compromise. This slogan is well-known among the customers of Kiss Virág, that over the years, has become the number one pastry shop in Vámospércs and its region. Customers can taste here Debrecen’s cake.

4029 Debrecen Cegléd street 16.

+36 30 433 3240

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