Great Forest Week

The Great Forest in Debrecen holds immense significance for all its residents. Often referred to as the city’s “lung,” it provides a sanctuary for recreation, relaxation, and sports, deeply woven into the fabric of its historical identity. Nationally, the Nagyerdő is a cherished treasure, an iconic symbol of Debrecen, much like the Reformed Great Temple or Calvinist Rome.

Eighty-one years ago, on October 10, 1939, the Great Forest of Debrecen received its protected status, marking it as the country’s very first entry in the Hungarian Nature Register.

For the fourth time, a series of programs presenting Hungary’s most beautiful forest, the Great Forest in Debrecen, will be organised by the Great Forest Society, the Debrecen Store of Value (Értéktár) Committee, the Future of Debrecen and several cooperating partners between October 9 and 15, 2023 under the title Great Forest Week.

At this year’s event, sports programs, a bicycle show, a Green Cinema, round table discussions, guided nature tours, a family day, exhibitions and a concert await visitors.

9th October Opening of Great Forest Week

4 p.m.  Opening of the exhibition entitled “Our Great Garden” under the auspices of the Debrecen Photo Club and the Natural History Museum.

Location: New City Hall Gallery, 11 Kálvin Square

Welcome speech is given by János Dr. Mazsu, chairman of the Great Forest Society and the Debrecen Treasury Committee. The exhibition will be opened by: Ákos Balázs, the Deputy Mayor of the city of Debrecen.

The exhibition can be viewed until November 5.

9th -15th  October 

On the occasion of the Great Forest Week, the wildlife of the forest comes to life in images and sounds on tram line 1.

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Source: FB Debrecen Nagyerdő