Full-dome Films in English in Agora

Agora Science Center Great Forest, Botanic Garden Entrance from Móricz Zsigmond Road!, Debrecen, Hungary

Full-dome films are offered in English to the visitors of the Science Centre. Agora Science Centre has one of the largest portable digital planetariums in Hungary that enables visitors to surf in the starry sky, discover the motion of celestial bodies, and familiarise themselves with constellations. It guarantees a lifelong experience for both children and adults. Full-dome films available in English are the following: Europe to the Stars - from 4.00  p.m. every Thursday and Saturday. The Sun, Our Living Star - from 4.00 p.m. every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. Participation is possible with the Agora entry ticket. The planetarium has a capacity of 40 people. Thus, visitors can participate in these programs with a limited number, in order of arrival. Further information about the films can be found here. Location: Great Forest, Botanic Garden, Entrance from Móricz Zsigmond Road,Great Forest, Botanic Garden Source: Agora

Exhibition entitled “Metamorphosis” in Kálvin Gallery of the Reformed Great Church

Great Reformed Church Piac u. 4-6, Debrecen, Hungary

Gábor Kustár's exhibition entitled “Metamorphosis”  opened  on the 10th of  March in  Kálvin Gallery of the Reformed Great Church.  The artist is a pastor and teacher in his everyday life, and now shows his sculptures in this sacred space. The sculptor describes his work as a wrestling between matter and spirit, to create a unique blend of both. Through the special exhibition the rotten wood, the rusty iron also come to life. The exhibition can be visited until June. Location:Kálvin Gallery of the Reformed Great Church   Source: dehir.hu

New Public Collection Exhibition of MODEM titled “What year are you?” opened

MODEM art center 1-3 Hunyadi János Street, Debrecen, Hungary

The new public collection exhibition, with around 50 different artists presented from the founders to Generation Z marking a new chapter for MODEM, can be visited until the 31st of December 2024. The curators of the exhibition have chosen artists who have shaped MODEM's image over the years, showcasing works from a collection that has evolved over 18 years, incorporating collections, acquisitions, Debrecen International Artists' Colony results, and artist donations. Drawing on the insights of generational theory, each section is arranged according to the artists' year of birth, rather than according to the aesthetic, art theoretical or art historical categories they represent or can be associated with their work.  Exhibiting artists: Lost Generation: Vilmos Aba-Novák Founders (Builders):Judit Reigl, Vera Molnár Veterans: Ákos Birkás, Ilona Keserü, László Lakner, István Nádler, Endre Tót, Zoltán Tölg-Molnár, Baby Boomers: Imre Bukta, Lajos Csontó, Ágnes Eperjesi, László Fehér, László feLugossy, Imre Gábor, Pál Gerber, Balázs Kicsiny, Ilona Lovas, Sándor Pinczehelyi, Gyula Várnai Generation X: Zsolt Asztalos, Emese Benczúr, Attila Csörgő, Marcell Esterházy, Tibor Gyenis, Kriszta x-T Nagy,  Péter Pettendi Szabó, Sára Richter, Katharina Roters, Société Réaliste, József Szolnoki. Generation Y: Nikolett Balázs, Kincső Bede, Máté Dobokay, Tim Freiwald, Judit Ágnes Gallai, Judit Lilla Molnár, Márton […]

Exhibition entitled Impulses in DEMKI Youth House Gallery opens on 3 April

Gallery 21

Sára Hajdu will open an exhibition entitled Impulses and hold a literary evening on Wednesday, on the 3rd of April 4:30 p.m. in gallery room  21 of DEMKI Youth House Gallery. Sára Hajdu came into closer contact with painting a few years ago, before that she wrote poems for almost a decade. “Any form of creation is a kind of therapy, a journey around our soul, when everything else ceases, the heart also quiets down, and a kind of tingling excitement takes the place of the noise of everyday life. I have always been attracted to abstract art, my favourite is Salvador Dali. Each work is new and brings new excitement, for me this is the greatest inspiration,” Sára Hajdu says. Managing director of DEMKI János D. Halász will give a welcome speech at the event. Deputy Mayor István Puskás opens the exhibition with the  contribution of Katedra Theater Workshop. Since Galéria 21 is also an event hall, please call (36) 52 415 48 to find out exactly when the exhibition can be visited. Date: 3-30 April Location: DEMKI Youth House Gallery, Galéria 21, Simonffy Street 21   Source: dehir.hu  

An exhibition of students of the DSZC Creative Technical School opens in Újkert

Jerikó utca 17 Debrecen, Hungary

An exhibition titled “Brilliant Mother Nature” on the theme of sustainability by students of the Creative Technology Centre of the Debrecen Vocational Training Centre will open in the lobby gallery of the DEMKI Community House in Újkert. The exhibition will be opened by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Matúra és Natúra Foundation, Head of the Debrecen Natural History Museum Zoltán Váradi on the 26th of April at 2.00 p.m. with a welcome speech by Managing Director of DEMKI János D. Halász, and Director of the DSZC Creative Technology Centre Enikő Kovácsné Győrfi. The opening will be attended by students of the institution. The exhibition is open until the 26th of May during the opening hours of the community centre. Date: 26 April - 26 May Location: DEMKI Újkerti Közösségi Ház (DEMKI Újkert Community Centre) Source: dehir.hu

Exhibition Titled “Dragons live here“ Opens on the 28th of April

University of Debrecen Egyetem tér 1., Debrecen, Hungary

Anna Versényi’s exhibition Mappa Mundi  "Dragons live here" will be opened on the 28th of  April at 11:00 a.m. by poet and art critic János Áfra with flutist Lilla Magyari accompanying the event. Her literary career started in the eighties, she has published several volumes, but she has  constantly been  interested in the world of images as well. Apart from the works of the creative artist, she can be seen this weekend at the Elméleti Tömb (Theoretical Gallery). The images on display are graphics related to the concept of the world map. It shows the desire for inhabitable worlds, the fear of the unknown, the interpretation of our world. The artist is exhibiting a series of 28 pieces, the motto of which is the inscription of a mediaeval map, and also the title of one of the graphics. Anna Versényi's exhibition is on view until the 24th of  May. Date: 28 April- 24 May Location: Elméleti Galéria (Theoretical Gallery), University of Debrecen, Nagyerdei körút 98. Source: dehir.hu

Exhibition by Impressionist Painter Opens in Egri Borbarát Gallery

Borbarát Bar Gallery Bajcsy-Zsilinszky utca 4., Debrecen, Hungary

An exhibition of paintings by  teacher and agricultural engineer György János Adamik entitled “The Dream of a Lightsmith” opens on the 2nd of May at 6:00 p.m. at  Egri Borbarát Gallery in Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Street, Debrecen. This is not the first time that the artist, who considers himself an impressionist painter, has exhibited here; he paints in nature, but his paintings are not intended to depict only the visible world. The exhibition opened by cultural organiser Szilárd Tömöri  is on view until the 3rd of June. As the owner of the wine bar István Kovács says in the hope of spring and renewal, Egri Borbarát Gallery  would like to contribute to the city's events with this programme.   Date: 2  May - 3 June Location: Egri Borbarát Gallery Source: dehir.hu

New Interactive Exhibition on Hunting Opened

Méliusz Library Bem tér 19/D, Debrecen, Hungary

At Méliusz Juhász Péter Library, the informative exhibition of Természettár (local environmental amateur community) presents the small and large game that live in Hungary. Among others, visitors for example can find out what kind of footprints a wild animal has.  Hungary has a hundreds of years of hunting tradition, visitors can  get to know this as well. The exhibition also tells about the role that hunting plays in preserving the natural balance, if it takes place within a controlled framework, but also about how much damage poachers cause. In addition, Hungarian specialty falconry and Hungarian hunting dog breeds,  that are considered Hungaricums,  are also presented. Date: on display until the beginning of June Location: Méliusz Juhász Péter Library    Source:dehir.hu, hajdupress.hu  

Photo Exhibition on the Wonders of Debrecen Opens on the 14th of May

Csapókert Community Center Süveg Street 3, Debrecen, Hungary

Péter Károlyi is preparing for his first solo exhibition, which will open at DEMKI Csapókerti Community Centre on the 14th of May at 5.00 p.m. Deputy Mayor István Puskás and municipality representative of the Csapókert Edina Szilágyi will give a welcome speech at the event. The exhibition will be opened by photographer Márton Fejes, with the participation of university student Lizett Kunvári. Péter Károlyi  sees Debrecen as a very good mix of modern and classical styles, creating a unique cityscape and atmosphere. Among his eternal favourites are the Great Church, the Csokonai Theater, the Small Reformed Church, Gambrinus köz, Lake Békás-tó and the Árpád Square Church.  The exhibition will be on display at the Süveg Street institution until the 10th of  June.    Date: 14 May - 10 June Location: Csapókert Community Center, Süver Street Source: dehir.hu

Exhibition Titled Answers Without a Question of Kristóf József Balogh at MODEM

MODEM art center 1-3 Hunyadi János Street, Debrecen, Hungary

Kristóf József Balogh is an artist born in Debrecen, currently living and working in Budapest. His first institutional solo exhibition will take place in the newly opened Project Space at the MODEM Centre for Modern and Contemporary Art. Although the painterly qualities may deceive viewers, Balogh actually uses screenshots of mysterious incidents as source material, where one is not quite sure what is happening. This varied visual collection draws on a wide spectrum of references and brings them into play. The artist's new series of anecdotal paintings for the exhibition often make unexpected shifts between cartoon characters, animals and human figures. These shifts can be seen as both references to the fluidity of (self-)identity and as reinforcing the intensity of abstract thinking and storytelling. In many cases, the opaque acrylic images are difficult to relate to each other, which further enhances the logic and narrative structure of their abstract representation. Balogh's aim is not to encourage the viewer to quiet contemplation, but to create a receptive situation in which the viewer can respond directly to images stripped of their original context. Curator: Török Krisztián Gábor Date: 9 May - 7 July Location: MODEM Source: modemart.hu  

Series of Programmes for Plant Lovers

Böszörményi Road 138 Böszörményi Road 138, Debrecen, Hungary

Visitors can explore the world of succulent plants and herbariums, but can also taste bread enriched with leaf protein and microalgae, wafers and gummi beans. Every two years, the European Plant Science Organisation (EPSO) organises a Plant Theme Day on the 18th of  May. The aim is to raise awareness of the importance of plants and plant science for the present and the future. Several countries, including Hungary, have joined the “Fascination of Plants Day” appeal. The Faculty of Agriculture, Food Science and Environmental Management of the University of Debrecen organised a series of events from the 14th of May at which  interactive programmes, exhibitions and science lectures are awaiting the interested public. In the lobby of the agricultural campus, two exhibitions were opened,  one on herbaria and the other on succulent plants. The first is a selection of the valuable pressed herbarium of the DE MÉK Department of Applied Plant Biology. You can see 150-200 years of wonderful pressed plants, herbs and mosses from the past, get a glimpse of the "Collection of Hungarian Plants" by József Sadler from 1823 and make your own herbarium.  In the latter, many genera and species are shown with live plants, and many […]

Attila Kővári’ s new exhibition at Új Galéria

New Gallery (Új Galéria) 1 Széchenyi Street, Debrecen, Hungary

Painter Attila Kőváry is opening his latest exhibition at Új Galéria in Széchenyi Street, organised by the Debrecen Artists' Guild Association, where he promises to show nature, garden, order and peace through his paintings. The artist admires the beauty, the goodness, the wisdom of the divine order manifested in nature, he stepped out of the twilight of the studio and expanded the space, the materials, the tools of creation. The exhibition entitled “Grass Garden for Sick Souls” will be opened by writer and journalist Miklós Szénási on the 23rd of May at 6.00  p.m., with the hintaLOW band performing.   Date: from 23 May Location: Új Galéria Source:dehir.hu