Wizz Air will discontinue two Debrecen flights in autumn with the relocation of the base aircraft to Budapest, and will also reduce the number of flights to London.

As reported in the Wizz Air press release, the airline will move its base aircraft from Debrecen to Budapest from the 27th of October, therefore Wizz Air will be discontinuing flights to Istanbul and Eindhoven in addition to its holiday flights from autumn, and these will no longer be available in the timetable from November.

The Debrecen- Bourgas flight is no longer on the 2024 November schedule, but according to the current situation, it will return next summer in 2025 from the end of June to the end of September.

The Cyprus service started as a holiday flight, operating only from spring to autumn, but from 2022 it became an annual service. There will also be a change in the service with the Larnaca flight being operated again as a holiday flight from Debrecen by Wizz Air, stopping at the end of October and only resuming at the end of March 2025. 

As Wizz Air mentions these two holiday flights in its announcement, but not the other two currently, it can be concluded from this and from the timetable that the airline will not operate flights to Corfu in Greece and Antalya in Turkey in the summer of 2025.

According to the current situation, Wizz Air will therefore have two permanent flights to Debrecen from the end of October, but these will also be subject to schedule changes. 

The flight to Rome will remain, but will be operated on Fridays and Mondays instead of the current Tuesdays and Saturdays. 

There are currently five flights a week to London, but this will be reduced to three a week from November, with flights on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, and the current schedule is for this to continue until autumn 2025.  

According to Debrecen International Airport Ltd.’s  response to the announcement the summer schedule and thus the passenger experience will not be adversely affected in any way by the airline’s decision. All current flights are running smoothly.


Updated: 2.40 p.m. 10 July, 2024

Author: Debrecen4U