We had the pleasure of attending the 8th Gourmet Festival last weekend. 

The festival, renowned for its diverse culinary offerings, was the perfect setting to engage with both locals and visitors about the myriad of things that make Debrecen special. 

At our vibrant stand, we posed two questions to festival-goers: “What do you like most about Debrecen?” and “What are your favourite places in Debrecen?” So Here is the highlights of the responses we have received:

What Do You Like Most About Debrecen?

Tranquillity and Serenity: Many people appreciated Debrecen’s small, quiet ambiance. The city’s low traffic and peaceful environment were frequently mentioned, making it ideal for those seeking a serene lifestyle.

Scenic Beauty: The city’s lush greenery and picturesque parks, especially the Great Forest Park, were highly praised. The green spaces and flat terrain make it perfect for walking and biking.

Festivals and Events: Debrecen’s active summer calendar, filled with festivals and cultural events, was another highlight. These gatherings not only provide entertainment but also foster a sense of community.

Historical and Cultural Richness: Sightseeing opportunities, historical buildings, and stunning churches reflect Debrecen’s rich cultural heritage. These sites offer locals and tourists a glimpse into the city’s storied past.

Educational Excellence: The University of Debrecen was frequently mentioned, showcasing the city’s solid academic presence and appeal to students worldwide.

Unique culinary Delights: The gastronomic scene in Debrecen is a treasure trove of unique flavours and culinary experiences. From the cosy coffee places to the diverse restaurants, the local cuisine is a delightful fusion of traditional and modern tastes, a true feast for the senses.

Accessibility: Participants loved that everything in Debrecen is close to each other, making it easy to navigate the city. The extensive bike roads also enhance this convenience.

Vibrant Yet Cozy: Despite its small size, Debrecen offers a unique blend of vibrancy and cosiness, particularly during the summer. This distinctive atmosphere, coupled with its rich cultural heritage and tranquil parks, makes it a city that piques curiosity and invites exploration.

What Are Your Favourite Places in Debrecen?

Playground Sziget-kék: A favourite among children, this playground is a joyful haven for the young.

Great Forest Park: This serene park emerged as a top favourite, offering a natural escape within the city.

Méliusz Library and American Corner: These cultural and educational hubs are cherished spots for book lovers and those seeking knowledge.

Békás Lake in the Park and Fountain Ködszinház: The lake and Fountain Ködszinház (Mist Theatre) were praised for their beauty and tranquillity.

Piac Street and Main Square: The bustling Piac Street and the historic Main Square (Kossuth Square) are central to Debrecen’s social and commercial life.

Roncsbár Bar and Restaurant Freedom: These venues are popular for their vibrant atmosphere and great gluten-free food, which is perfect for socialising.

Botanical Garden: The lake with turtles in the Botanical Garden is a unique and charming spot, perfect for leisure.

Forum Shopping Center: For those who love shopping, the Forum Shopping Center is a modern hub with various stores.

Aquaticum: This water park is a favourite destination for fun and relaxation.

University Main Building: This iconic building not only represents academic excellence but is also an architectural marvel.

Bakery Panificio il Basilico: This bakery is known for its delicious baked goods and is a must-visit for food enthusiasts.

The Gourmet Festival was more than just a culinary delight; it is a testament to Debrecen’s vibrant community spirit. Through the voices of its residents and visitors, we rediscovered why Debrecen is such a beloved city. 

Whether it’s the peaceful parks, historical landmarks, or lively festivals, Debrecen continues to charm and inspire, fostering a sense of belonging in all who experience it.

Thank you to everyone who shared their love for Debrecen with us at the festival!

Author: Julia