Nestled amidst Debrecen’s vibrant streets lie hidden gems waiting to be discovered by coffee enthusiasts. From cosy corners to chic settings, these cafes offer not just a cup of coffee but an unforgettable experience. Join me as I unveil some of 

Debrecen’s must-visit cafes for coffee lovers.

Cafe Frei: A Taste of Coffee Culture

Step into Cafe Frei and embark on a journey through the world of coffee. With a menu boasting a diverse selection of coffee beans from around the globe, this cafe is a haven for coffee connoisseurs. Pair your coffee with one of their delectable pastries for the ultimate indulgence. There are two Cafe Freis in Debrecen. One is located in the bookstore on the second floor of Forum Shopping Mall. The atmosphere there is fantastic, combining the world of books with coffee. What could be better?

The other one is on central Piac Street, offering a cosy corner and a terrace.

Vintage World Cafe & Shop

Vintage World Cafe is a genuinely Instagrammable place. Once you step in, you are transported to a charming world. A pink flower wall, vintage armchairs, cute tables, frames, and mirrors greet you. But that’s not all. The food is an artful delight. Each drink and dish is carefully composed, inviting you to capture the aesthetic of breakfast. They also have a little terrace in the green backyard. You’ll find a small shop in the cafe with goodies and delicacies.

Black Sheep Microroastery & Coffee

Located on bustling Csapó Street, Black Sheep Microroastery & Coffee is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. With its wide variety of coffee, homemade ice creams, and delicious breakfasts, it’s the perfect place to start your day. Don’t forget to check out their avocado toasts, a local favourite.

Wellington Coffee & Pie

Wellington has this English pub atmosphere, yet the place is new, and the interior is excellent. It offers such a different ambience that, for a moment, you forget you’re in Debrecen and feel transported to England. I love to come here with a notebook on rainy days. The smell of pies, the shelves of books, and the giant birds on the wall in frames all catch your attention. The light from the lamps and the wooden round tables create a cosy feeling while you’re there. The coffee is delightful, and they also offer desserts and a lunch menu. Check out their Instagram page. The cafe is located on Central Piac Street and has a terrace under big green shady trees, making it perfect for year-round visits.

Frida Kávéház

What differentiates this place for me from others is that I always meet an international community here, not just loved by Hungarians. They offer a daily lunch menu with tasty soups, coffee, matcha, and cocoa. They serve sandwiches, burritos, and desserts. The atmosphere is cosy, with two floors and a summer terrace. I love to come here for Sunday brunch. It’s on a quiet street near the Csokonai Theater, just 100 meters from the main Piac street. Frida Coffee Shop often hosts workshops and music events, so check their schedule and announcements on their website or Instagram page.

Volt Egyszer

Step into the enchanting Once Upon a Time Cafe, conveniently nestled in one of the most picturesque spots in Debrecen, offering a captivating view of the main street. This charming spot has swiftly captured the hearts of locals and garnered admiration from foreign university students alike.  They offer various frappes, coffees, hot chocolates, and cacaos.

Karakter 1517 

Another delightful fusion of a bookstore and café awaits, but this one boasts a stunning glass ceiling. Nestled in the backyard of the Great Church, it offers a tranquil and aesthetically pleasing environment for work and meetings. Various events also take place here from time to time. Enjoy the summer terrace on both sides, surrounded by a charming little park. Whether you prefer coffee, hot chocolate, or lemonade, they cater to your taste.

Discovering Debrecen’s hidden gems is a delight for coffee lovers seeking new and exciting experiences. So grab your favourite mug and embark on a caffeinated adventure through the charming streets of Debrecen.

Author: Julia