Over the past year, the Municipality of Debrecen has been in continuous consultation with the representatives of CATL in order to achieve positive changes in all the issues that have been of major concern to the community of Debrecen. As a result, a few weeks ago, CATL announced that it would switch cooling technology and significantly reduce water use, and do so using significantly treated wastewater.

Today, CATL has submitted to the Government Office a modification application that will reduce the emissions of the solvent NMP to a minimum level. The first of the 3 point sources will reduce the maximum emissions from 150 mg/m3 allowed by law to 2 mg/m3, the second from 20 mgC/m3 to 1.21 mgC/m3 and the third from 1 mg/m3.

Energy efficiency is served by the fact that there will be no gas consumption in the property they rent, neither for the activities carried out there, nor for heating the building.

The amendment request that has just been submitted also clearly shows that the owners and managers of CATL listened to and understood the concerns of the people of Debrecen and found a long-term satisfactory solution to them.


Author: Debrecen4U