Alföld City Taxi Kft.

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The company aims to maintain the trust of its passengers by adapting to the pace of a fast-paced world. Fast and accurate customer service is important to them, and they offer a 24-hour dispatch service, which allows them to record orders accurately and issue rides quickly. They offer a wide range of services, from large, comfortable, air-conditioned vehicles to station wagons suitable for transporting larger packages. Their services include shopping, car rental for 6+1 people, smoking/non-smoking cars, and pet transport. Orders can be placed by phone, or online.

4027 Debrecen, Sinai Miklós Street 11. III/14

+36 20 242 2222 (Viber)

+36 52 555 555

Főnix Taxi

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Főnix Taxi is a taxi company in Debrecen. Their services include  6+1 person taxi transport (airport transfers), combi type taxi, shopping, administration, pet transport, smoke-free taxi, non-smoking taxi, car rescue, and minibus rental (8+1 person). Főnix Taxi in Debrecen introduced the magnetic taxi card payment option in a unique way, which provides cash and paperless fare payment for both contracted partners and private individuals.

4025 Debrecen, Arany János street 32. Fsz. 1.

+36 52 444 444

+36 20 552 2222

Autonom Hungary

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Autonom is an international mobility service provider which has offices in 3 countries, such as Romania, Hungary, and Serbia. They offer a wide range of transportation and car rental solutions to our customers. Mobility is provided by our fleet of vehicles, which includes more than 9,000 new cars and are suitable for both business and leisure travel. The company has been offering mobility solutions since 2005: flexible car rental for different time periods, and transfer service.

4030 Debrecen Repülőtéri Street 12.

+36 30 419 6788

Mercur Rent a Car Ltd. The oldest car rental company in the world means excellent cars, fast and first class service. Whether fleet management or private use, Hertz car hire always offers its customers the latest models. Reliability and continuous technical innovation are the core values of their business. They have worked with many hotels, travel agencies, and airlines to ensure their customers always have the most convenient and fastest way to get the most suitable rental car. Their rental rates include collision and theft insurance, liability insurance, registration tax, road tax, all Hungarian motorway tolls, full service, and 24-hour emergency roadside maintenance.

4030 Debrecen Repülőtéri Street 12.

+36 30 336 9072

Car and commercial vehicle rental, international reservation, whether for one day or for one month, or even for one way only. The length of the rental period is in line with your needs.

4030 Debrecen Repülőtéri Street 12.

+36 30 495 2132

Car rental has never been as convenient, and high quality as with Sixt rent a car Hungary. In accordance with the strict Sixt requirements, they car rental services offer they customers the same high quality and low prices in Hungary as they would find at any other Sixt rental location worldwide. They fleet consists of excellent quality cars, which guarantees that Sixt rent a car customers always receive new rental cars in excellent condition, equipped with the latest technological advancements. Our short and long-term car rental services and our operating leases have all been developed to meet the most sophisticated quality requirements – at favorable rates. Sixt leasing, our operating lease program, has been created for lease periods of 13 months or longer and offers considerable discounts.

4030 Debrecen Repülőtéri Street 12.

+36 20 412 8508

They’re on a mission to build cities for people, not cars. Bolt is the first European mobility super-app. They are fighting for better cities and against private cars, offering a better alternative to every purpose that a private car serves – including ride-hailing, shared cars and scooters, and food and grocery delivery. They believe that most trips in the city don’t require the use of a personal car. At Bolt, they’re building a future in which people are no longer forced to buy a car to get around, where people have the freedom to use transportation on demand, choosing whatever vehicle is best for each occasion.

1027 Budapest, Kacsa street 15-23.

+36 1 444 5154

Pannon Transfer

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Pannon Guard Zrt. is expanding its portfolio with a new airport transfer and VIP passenger transport service for its residential and business partners. We wanted to leverage our experience in the field of customer satisfaction in our newly launched transfer service. The safety of their customers travelling with them is ensured by their driver-trained drivers and their exclusive, top-of-the-range fleet of vehicles, which meets all requirements.

4026 Debrecen, Hatvan street 39.

+36 30 153 4190

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